After taking a look at my book, he wrote back, “I’m sure somewhere in my heart of darkness I’m a little bit of a Christian. Well, I might be, I’ll look around, check the basement and the attic of my heart, there might be a little somewhere.” I let that sit and just prayed.

A few weeks later the same man was at a writers’ group we attended. He sat down at the table. My roommate asked him, “How’s it going?” “You don’t want to know!” But when bad things pile up, most people want to tell someone just to get it off their chests. So he opened up.

The IRS just informed him that he owes for something a few years back, and not a small amount either! Besides that, their air conditioning unit went out. It’s over 100’ and nearly impossible to work in the smothering heat we get here. He told us it was an old unit and they were looking for a particular part that wasn’t made anymore. The A/C guys told him if they couldn’t find it he’d have to get a new unit for somewhere around $6000! He had deadlines to meet and was in a huge dilemma.

I told him we’d pray.

The very next day my roommate called him up on an entirely different matter but he was so excited he had to tell her what happened.

“You prayed and this got answered in a half an hour. The part they couldn’t find anywhere, well they showed up today with some parts, telling me it would cost around $800 to $900. When they came down from the roof, it was amazing—only $130! In the same half hour my 90 year old mother called and said, ‘Heck, I’ll pay the IRS—the whole thing. Let’s get it off of you!’ You said you were going to pray and your prayers were answered. It’s a miracle! Our heads are spinning!”

God has compassion for people who are in a hard place, people who don’t even really know if they believe or not. Just the fact that the man expressed that he might be a little bit of a Christian was enough for the Lord Jesus to work His compassion in my roommate and me to earnestly pray for this man and his wife. Strong compassion bypasses any judgment. And I’m so thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for allowing us to be messengers of His love and miracles.

Love, Carolyn

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