I opened the sliding glass door and out he went past the patio to take a leak (the dog, that is). The next thing I know, I hear a yelp and he’s limping. He must have gotten his foot caught in one of the loops of a new vine I planted. I figured he might have just pulled it a little and was being extra cautious. He was favoring the foot, and still limping, but it didn’t seem too bad. But the next day it took a turn.
In the morning he couldn’t put any pressure on it at all and I had to lift him to take him anywhere, including outside to do his business. My roommate and I got together and prayed for him. As I prayed, I realized that I couldn’t pray for Holy Spirit to start the healing him from the inside. He’s a dog. Dogs don’t have Holy Spirit inside. But in the next instant it came to me that God created dogs. He created their bodies to be able to heal themselves just like our bodies have that capacity. So what could I pray for? … I could pray and believe that the healing process would speed up, and I had a scripture to back it up: “I the Lord will hasten it in his time” (Is 60:22). What a great promise! I’ve put my faith out by revelation on this speeding up process many times with super results. This was one of those times and I thank our God for it.
By the afternoon, he could put pressure on the leg and the next morning he was bouncing down the hallway once again. Even if it was only sprained, normally it would have taken longer to totally heal, but the Lord speeded up the process.
Luke 12:6 says God doesn’t even forget about one sparrow. So I know He cares about our pets that bless us so much too.
Love, Carolyn
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