He told me, “We’re running out of copper paint.” I said, “Okay, I’ll make some.” It would take some time so I immediately started up on the mixing process. Meanwhile he went out into the other part of the warehouse where we were doing a 5-step faux finish process to make metal panels look like wood. Typicall…y he ignored the other workers and began on a section of panels he could call his own. I had no idea of the coup he was planning and the trap he’d set for me, so I went about my business happily mixing paint.

When I’d finished, I did a few other necessary things to set up for the next part of the process, which kept me away from the goings on in the main part of the warehouse even longer.

When I got back to the panels I could tell he’d rushed through the steps to get as many panels done as possible. The room was 3/4s full of his completed panels. He was so proud of the production—he’d completed way more than my partner and I had done, especially with the delay of me having to mix more paint. Then it hit me and I spiritually knew what he was up to.

This guy was what the Bible calls a “son of Belial, “a worker of iniquity.” He was looking to climb up as far as he could go and it didn’t matter who he had to step on to get there. He always remained aloof, was not a team player, did things on his own terms and tried to be in control, though he was never given that authority.

Three others were above him in the chain of command and he didn’t like it. He wanted to be running the job and definitely wanted me out of the way. He brought discord into the group and everyone was uneasy with him around. He was always scheming and mentally critical of everyone. He would wander around the warehouse and offices and act like he was special. We never quite knew what he was up to but we had the weird feeling that he was spying on us and spewing lies about us to the higher boss. His bad-mouthing had already caused more than one person to lose his position. He would pretend to be real friendly, but then turn on the person. His characteristics were typical of those described as belonging to sons and daughters of Belial. So what to do?

I began to come to work early and park in a remote spot, where I’d get out my verses—those psalms of David that are specific weapons (spears) against people like this. I prayed them out loud with conviction. This guy was NOT GOOD for any of us there. By the grace of God, I knew what to do and I did it.

Back to my story: This worker of iniquity sent me to mix paint so that my production would be low. Then he sped up and finished multiple panels. His plan was to show how bad I was and how great he was. But God had something else in mind.

The big boss came in and started looking at the pieces. He was horrified. He called me and another lead person over and started handing us the panels, “This one has to be done over. This one too, and this one and this one!” By the time he’d finished, there were 40-plus panels that had to be re-done. And you guessed it… all done by the SOB!

His plan failed miserably. He’d gotten me out of the way so he could show off for the boss and instead of being rewarded, he was made to look really bad, so bad that the boss sent him out of town on a different job for a week. At the time I thought, “I wouldn’t be surprised if he never comes back.”

What actually happened is that he did come back—for one day. He was in street clothes and he resigned! I found out later that God got him so far out of the way, the guy took a job half way around the world—in China!

One of the spears I’d been repeating each morning was Psalm 7:15, “He made a pit and dug it out, and has fallen into the ditch which he made.” That certainly came to pass! Praise God!

Just a few words to those of you who have been beaten and hurt by these people and maybe lost, or are losing the battle. It’s bad, but you’ll be okay in the end. God will never allow you to go through something you can’t handle. And now if you ever get into a situation like this again, you will know exactly what it is and what to do for your victory. If you have encountered these SOBs, know that you are mightier through Christ. Use the weapons God’s provided.

Love, Carolyn

Here is a list of other word swords that God gave David to use: (All of these are in the book of Psalms) 2:2-5 and 10-12, 3:7, 5:5-6 and 10, 6:8 and 10, 7:9 and 11-17, 9:15-20, 18:6-17 and 37-48, 28:3-5, 33:8-11, 35:19-27, 37:7-20 and 34-38, 46:6-11, 52:1-9 54:1-7, 55:1-3 and 15-23, 69:22-28, 73:12-13 and 16-20 and 26-28, 75:4-10, 89:20-2392:7-11, 109:6-20 and 26-31, 132:13-18, 143:9-12 and many more.

Please get Dr. Dale’s booklet for only $8 from his website for a more in depth study on this subject of Exposing Sons of Belial : Identifying and Overcoming Children of the Devil.

And remember you can order my books from Amazon by putting my first and last name in the search box.


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