She was raised in South Korea as a Buddhist. We met about 20 years ago and began to have deep spiritual conversations. We understood what each other was saying; we just put it in different words. When I explained to her about God creating us in His own image, she got it and applied it. But still she felt religion was basically foolish…. until something happened a year and a half ago that changed everything.

“I felt something was going on, so I told the storekeeper next door I was going home. She came by the house later because she was worried about me. I told her I felt odd and could she help me to the bathroom. She did and the next thing I knew I was on the floor and had no feeling in my body.

My mind was perfectly okay but I couldn’t move my hands or arms or legs. I felt I was having a stroke. My husband passed away eight years ago and I didn’t have any kids so I was ready to go. I asked my friend to pull me into the other room by the fireplace and I told her I didn’t want her to take me to the hospital because if it was my time to go I wanted to experience it. She said okay, but she’d have to go home and print out a form to sign so she wouldn’t be in trouble over this decision. I laid in front of the fireplace and started to close my eyes to slip away. I said, ‘If there’s anything more, I want it.’ Then it happened.

I heard a strong male voice command, ‘Mi Sun, Get up and walk!’ Like a child I did just that. I started to move, got up and walked around in the house. Then I went outside and kept walking. That’s when my friend came back and saw me. She was shocked. ‘Okay, now take me to the hospital. I want to find out if there is any medical explanation for what happened.’”

They kept Mi Sun overnight and did all sorts of tests and found nothing wrong. She knew it was a miracle and that the God I’d told her about was for real. She told me that since that day everything is different. And even in the time I visited her in her shop, she mentioned God several times in our conversation and with others who came in also.

All the many years of Christmas conversations, and this was the best of all—to find out that the Lord personally visited my friend and got her born again.

Love, Carolyn

My book, WINGS: A Journey in Faith is available from Amazon as an e-book and in print. Also I publish one or two new articles each week on FB and my blog sites– https://wingsajourneyinfaith.wordpress.com/ and


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