ImageI woke up last night picturing a bat with big ears. Bats respond to vibrations much like we are to respond to the vibrations from the Holy Spirit. They’re in the realm of the unseen but we all have them.

I was very inspired by Adrienne’s response to my last post. She said: “God is ever present. Being mindful of this by actively listening for Him, is the key to walking by the spirit. Even minor changes in schedule—that show of humility—keeps our connection with God strong. We may never see the results of our obedience; like the car accident that doesn’t happen because of your obedience to be elsewhere. You may wonder how to tell if you are on the right track. The only way is to play it through and see what you get. Rejoice in the victories and when it doesn’t go so well, ask God how to do better.”

Those times when you “just feel like” you should wear a certain shirt, talk to a certain person, show up at different time—these nudges happen to all of us, all the time.

I think of soldiers, firefighters, undercover agents, 911 operators; they are trained to listen to their hunches and respond quickly. People’s lives depend on it.

God gives us Holy Hunches. He can’t make us listen and can’t force us to obey. We train ourselves on this one. “The only way is to play it through and see what you get. Rejoice in the victories and when it doesn’t go so well, ask God how to do better.”

In Luke 11:11 Jesus says if a child asks his father for bread, the father won’t give him a stone. When we’re asking for a more spiritual walk, He’s not going to give us a stone to trip over, but rather bread to nourish us and make us stronger disciples.

Love, Carolyn

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I was driving home from work, deciding the order in which I would do my errands. I thought the plan was good but I got an inner urging to switch around the order of things. Because of the change, I got to my bank later than I’d planned.

When I drove up, there was a police car in front and yellow tape around the entrance doors. As the policeman walked up to the door, I could see that it was ajar. I stayed back and watched for a few minutes and up drove three more police cars. I got out of there. Had I followed my original plan, I would have been right in the middle of a bank robbery! But the Lord kept me out of trouble by the insider tip.

Just yesterday I felt prompted to go to a different grocery store. When we came around the corner to the pharmacy section, my roommate just “felt like” taking her blood pressure. There was a woman standing there just idly looking at her receipt. We exchanged a few words and then as we continued to talk, the woman shared her concerns about a life-threatening health issue and we were able to minister real help to her.

Probably most of you have experienced similar promptings from the Holy Spirit.

But when it happens it’s kind of hard to describe in words. I’ve heard people say it feels like an urging or a niggling feeling or a stirring from within or an inner voice or intuition. The Message Bible beautifully describes it as “God’s Spirit touches our spirits” (Romans 8:16). There are several New Testament examples of believers getting these insider tips. In Acts 18 Paul describes a situation where he felt “pressed in the spirit” to go and talk to certain Jews about Jesus.  

Another example is in Acts 17 where Paul’s “spirit was stirred in him” when he witnessed certain things happening. He immediately began to take action to fix the situation.

These inner urgings, promptings and tips richen our lives. They help us to help others; and they keep us out of trouble. The Lord touches our spirits with these insider tips and wants us to be more receptive so that we can be more like Him.

Love, Carolyn

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When I woke up this morning I was feeling kind of punkish. I didn’t really know if it was physical or emotional. I just felt like crawling back under the covers.

I didn’t, though. I got up. I still wasn’t feeling that great when the Lord directed me to read something I’d written in my WINGS book. It helped me and comforted me more thoroughly than getting back in bed would have done. So I’m sharing it with you for those times when you too may feel more inclined to hide than face the world:

“Psalm 91:1. ‘He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.’ I looked up the original Hebrew words to get a deeper understanding of this verse and I took the time to meditate on their meanings. The word for ‘dwelleth’ means to sit down with, remain with, settle down with, continue with, marry, be still with.

The Hebrew word for ‘secret place’ is defined as a place where you are covered, a hiding place, a place where you’re protected. ‘The most High’ is El Elyon, the highest, supreme, uppermost. There is no one and nothing higher.

The next word, ‘abide,’ is really interesting. It means to stop and stay, usually overnight, implying a more permanent stay, remaining and continuing. In the phrase ‘shadow of the Almighty,’ the ‘Almighty’ is El Shaddai, defined as the God of overflow, constant supply, and source of all sufficiency.

When I meditated on those definitions from the original Hebrew, and put it all together, this is how I spoke it to myself: ‘Carolyn, sit down a few minutes and make yourself relax. Settle down, be still and picture yourself snuggled up in the protected hiding place of God, up next to the One Who is the highest being ever to exist. He wants you there.

You can stay overnight, and then in the morning you’ll be right by His side and go where He goes. You’re close enough that you are in His shade, enjoying a constant overflow from Him.

This is where you are always protected and where the source of everything good comes from and it’s YOUR SPECIAL PLACE. No one and nothing bad is allowed to get to you here.’”

When I read this and let the words soak into me this morning, my whole body, mind and emotions felt at ease. I’m okay now. I hope you will remember to take a look at this the next time you’re feeling a little funky and need a big God hug, like I did.

Love, Carolyn

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I prayed all day but I had a bad feeling. The rules of the contest were if you completed your year-long goal, you had a chance at winning the money. I got an e-mail the night before and I was a little nervous: “Were you able to complete your goal?” (They remembered me. That’s a good sign, right?) I shot back: “Yes, I did.” The next day was the meeting and when they came to the contest part I was piqued.

But as hard as I had tried to see a positive picture of me winning, it just wasn’t happening. As the negative thoughts kept popping up, I’d force them away and I quoted victory scriptures instead. The announcer came up, “Okay, we have two people who completed the challenge. The winner gets $40 and free meetings all year long. “Oh good, only two of us.” When she drew the name out, it wasn’t mine! “Oh Nooo! What happened?!”

All that positive praying and I just couldn’t make the outcome be what I wanted. The truth is, I really knew it in my spirit but I just didn’t want to believe it. In this minor experience I was reminded of a much larger truth.

Sometimes the Lord’s messages to us are going to be negative and not what we want to hear. Instead of trying to force the positive result with scriptures, if they aren’t doing anything, then we need to stop pushing and just ask the Lord, “What’s going on?” He expects us to have that kind of relationship with Him. I was trying to muscle through with my own will, but it wasn’t to be. Next time this happens I’m going to be more sensitive to the situation and just ask, and save myself some grief!

My incident was small, but Ezekiel tells of a much graver situation. The prophets weren’t liking the messages God was giving about war. They decided to enforce their own will and preached peace instead. “Therefore the Lord God says: “I will destroy you for these ‘visions’ and lies. My hand shall be against you, and you shall be cut off from among the leaders of Israel; I will blot out your names, and you will never see your own country again. And you shall know I am the Lord.  For these evil men deceive my people by saying, ‘God will send peace,’ when that is not my plan at all” (Ezekiel 13:8-10)!

When we pray about anything or anyone, we go for the best and that’s a good thing. But if in our spirit we sense it’s honestly not to be, let’s remember to stop and ask the Lord what’s up. He’ll let us know. Honest raw truth from God is better than even the slightest bit of “positive thinking” that is a lie. The sooner we accept the “negative” message from the Lord, the sooner we can deal with it. Then we can move on with the assistance of the Holy Spirit to teach and guide us with what to do next.

Love, Carolyn

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When I heard him speak, it was exciting. I could really learn some good tips from this guy. He had a free class scheduled two months away and I felt in my spirit that I should go, but would I really make it?

The day came and I’d gone out to dinner with friends the night before and was really busy on the morning of class day. I could have easily stayed home and watched a movie.

But the pull was in me, so in spite of contrary circumstances, I made myself go. When I got there, I slid up to the table into the only seat left. The speaker began, “This is the first class of the year and I’ll be doing one each month through December.” I had no idea this was going to be a year-long FREE class on the very subject of my dreams—writing, taught in a fun way, by an expert in the field. I was thrilled to be there!

I encourage you to follow your dreams and when the Holy Spirit urges you to do something, go for it and don’t try to talk yourself out of it. We can be our own worst enemies when we don’t take the needed action toward our dreams.

I was so energized and excited after the first class. It was amazing! The Lord IS amazing! He will give us the desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:4), and the way to get there.

If we think our dreams are something we’ll get in the long run, we’ll only achieve them if we’re willing to take one sprint at a time. Making myself go to class was one of my sprints.   

Love, Carolyn

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I had my baby car, a 1990 Toyota pick-up, towed to the mechanic. When he didn’t call me back the same day, I started to worry. I can’t even imagine how you parents face the stress and temptation to worry over your little ones. It really starts to get to you and there’s only two things I know of to stop our minds from spiraling downward.
The first is the Word of God. And it doesn’t take a lot of scriptures; it just takes the right ones. Isaiah 54:13 says: “And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.” What does that mean?
It means that the Lord is their teacher, whether He works through you or someone else, or circumstances or in any other way, He will do it if you can believe it. You are not their savior! God has entrusted them to you, but you have to pray for them, believing that the Lord is around them and with them every day to care for, guide and instruct. If I were a parent, I’d be praying this scripture every morning over my children and every night too. And the second half of the verse also: “Great shall be the peace of [my] children.”
I also suggest Psalm 91:11-12 “For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.” Stones are in the physical realm, so this scripture is telling us that angles are available to keep your children (and you too) from being tripped up by physical things. You can name a great number of possible stumbling blocks, such as bullies, bad friends, bad habits, bad health, etc. Angels’ jobs are to minister for you, so use their abilities like the scripture says, to keep an eye on your children and keep them from tripping up.
Lastly, this verse is for parents (maybe I should have listed this one first!): “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7). You can say, “God I give You my anxiety today because You care about me and You can take care of the stress. Thank you so much. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”
I said there were two things needed to get rid of worry. The first is to believe what God says in the scriptures and pray the ones that work for you. The second important thing is to talk to your children. And I don’t mean telling them how much you worry. That will only enforce the negative. But instead, ask them questions about what’s going on in their lives. Listen with your heart to their answers. And be bold enough to pray with them.
I didn’t pray with my mechanic, but I did pray a verse I found in the gospels about transportation and then I called him and was totally at ease. My baby truck was going to get fixed. Your kids will be okay too, if you do the above.
Love, Carolyn
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In Hebrews 1 angels are called ministers. The Greek word says they are public servants, worshipers of God and benefactors of man. Revelation 5:11 says: “The number of them is ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands”—plenty to go around. We don’t pray to them and we don’t turn into them after we die, but they are probably the most neglected ministry we have today. However, as we learn more and hear more, I pray that we will be more open to the ministry of these covert public servants. Listen to this heart-warming story from my friend Vicky Van Allen:

“I’ve also been compelled by God’s spirit to utilize the help of angels. Recently, my dear 92-year- old charge his last night on earth ‘awakened.’ We were alone (in his home, per his wishes). I was holding him. Rather tearfully I asked for angels to minister. Dick SAW them and asked me, ‘Who are those people?? What are they waiting for?’ I hugged him tighter. ‘Are they nice?’ ‘Oh yes (in a little boy’s voice). Can I go home soon?’ I stroked his sweet bald head and told him, ‘Yes. Don’t be afraid, just let yourself relax and go back to sleep.’ ‘Do I need my pants and shoes?’ ‘No my dear, you’re just perfect.’ Tears streaming down my face, I kissed him goodnight one last time. We were both comforted. My own Father passed away 30 years ago and I didn’t get to do this for him. My heart was so joyful and comforted. It changed my life. Yes I BELIEVE IN ANGELS.”

I’ve known Victoria for many years. Her faith is strong and she continues to minister in unique and wonderful ways and is willing to share her wisdom if you’d like to contact her on FB. I’m so thankful she thought to share this wonderful story with me. If you have a story of angelic intervention or assistance and would like to share it, send it to me via e-mail or FB private message. Of course I wouldn’t share anything unless I had permission.

Love you, Carolyn

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