I asked, “Are you playing football this year?” “Yes, but mostly sitting on the bench.” “How come?” “I injured my back.” He’s 14 and wants to play. God’s angels are the same way but they’ve been injured by our unbelief. We’ve been given a command to get them off the bench and back in our everyday experience. But why? And how do we do that?

We need them and we need to believe in them and what they can do for us. We read in the Old Testament about what angels do. Then we read in the New Testament too, but we’ve left them in the Bible with the exception of maybe a single guardian angel to squeak through for a child. That’s not God’s total will. We need to learn how to get angels working for us now in 2014.

Hebrews 1:14 tells us “they are all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for [us].” Psalm 103:20 says they do God’s commands by hearkening to the voice of His Word. When we speak God’s Word, we are speaking God’s voice and angels hearken. In Hebrews 2:1 God commands us to “give the more earnest heed to the things which we have [just] heard [about angels, in the previous verse], lest at any time we should let them slip.” We as a church have let the ministering of angels slip so far down, our skirts and pants are on the ground and we’re walking around with our tops on but nothing below!

I studied angels, looking up all the scriptures where the word “angel” or “angels” was used. As helpful as it was, it was only information until I began to really apply it. Now, I send out ministering angels every day. Here’s how they work:

Yesterday morning we prayed, “Lord, as Jane goes out today we send out angels to help her with this new insurance thing. According to Psalm 91:11 and 12 ‘He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.’ A stone is a physical thing so don’t let her get tripped up by any physical thing. Prosper her way like it says in Genesis 24:7 and 40: ‘He will send his angel before thee and prosper thy way.’ We pray this in Jesus name, Amen.”

This is what happened when the angels went to work:

Jane: “I went down to the hospital pharmacy to check on my prescription. When I got to the special parking, all the spaces were taken and one car even parked in two spaces, so I had to go in the front, which wasn’t my plan. I walked past admission and I got an urging to go in. As I went in, Debra, the Health Care rep for the hospital, was right there talking to a man about the insurance issue. I stopped to wait for her. While waiting, I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around. It was a woman from my weight loss group. She’s a financial insurance specialist at the hospital. I knew at that moment the angels had set up the no parking space and the whole thing.

I asked her if she knew about this new insurance thing. She looked me right in the eyes and said, ‘I can help you. Follow me.’ She took me back to her desk, told me what I was missing. Then Debra came in and between the two of them I found out exactly what I needed to do and also that I’d already been given extended insurance and I just needed to go pick it up.”

This is the ministry of angels. We need it. God commands that we don’t let it slip. Angels are a God-given resource for us to utilize. Find out from the Word of God the many things they can do: look up the scriptures with “angel” or “angels” in them. We can’t afford in 2014 to leave them sitting on the bench because of our own unbelief. But instead, we need to get them back in the more serious game of our lives.

Love, Carolyn

My book, WINGS: A Journey in Faith from the Earthly to the Heavenly will help you see the spiritual background to why certain things happen in our lives and how to address them in God’s way. Get your copy in print or e-book on Amazon.


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