In Hebrews 1 angels are called ministers. The Greek word says they are public servants, worshipers of God and benefactors of man. Revelation 5:11 says: “The number of them is ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands”—plenty to go around. We don’t pray to them and we don’t turn into them after we die, but they are probably the most neglected ministry we have today. However, as we learn more and hear more, I pray that we will be more open to the ministry of these covert public servants. Listen to this heart-warming story from my friend Vicky Van Allen:

“I’ve also been compelled by God’s spirit to utilize the help of angels. Recently, my dear 92-year- old charge his last night on earth ‘awakened.’ We were alone (in his home, per his wishes). I was holding him. Rather tearfully I asked for angels to minister. Dick SAW them and asked me, ‘Who are those people?? What are they waiting for?’ I hugged him tighter. ‘Are they nice?’ ‘Oh yes (in a little boy’s voice). Can I go home soon?’ I stroked his sweet bald head and told him, ‘Yes. Don’t be afraid, just let yourself relax and go back to sleep.’ ‘Do I need my pants and shoes?’ ‘No my dear, you’re just perfect.’ Tears streaming down my face, I kissed him goodnight one last time. We were both comforted. My own Father passed away 30 years ago and I didn’t get to do this for him. My heart was so joyful and comforted. It changed my life. Yes I BELIEVE IN ANGELS.”

I’ve known Victoria for many years. Her faith is strong and she continues to minister in unique and wonderful ways and is willing to share her wisdom if you’d like to contact her on FB. I’m so thankful she thought to share this wonderful story with me. If you have a story of angelic intervention or assistance and would like to share it, send it to me via e-mail or FB private message. Of course I wouldn’t share anything unless I had permission.

Love you, Carolyn

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