When I woke up this morning I was feeling kind of punkish. I didn’t really know if it was physical or emotional. I just felt like crawling back under the covers.

I didn’t, though. I got up. I still wasn’t feeling that great when the Lord directed me to read something I’d written in my WINGS book. It helped me and comforted me more thoroughly than getting back in bed would have done. So I’m sharing it with you for those times when you too may feel more inclined to hide than face the world:

“Psalm 91:1. ‘He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.’ I looked up the original Hebrew words to get a deeper understanding of this verse and I took the time to meditate on their meanings. The word for ‘dwelleth’ means to sit down with, remain with, settle down with, continue with, marry, be still with.

The Hebrew word for ‘secret place’ is defined as a place where you are covered, a hiding place, a place where you’re protected. ‘The most High’ is El Elyon, the highest, supreme, uppermost. There is no one and nothing higher.

The next word, ‘abide,’ is really interesting. It means to stop and stay, usually overnight, implying a more permanent stay, remaining and continuing. In the phrase ‘shadow of the Almighty,’ the ‘Almighty’ is El Shaddai, defined as the God of overflow, constant supply, and source of all sufficiency.

When I meditated on those definitions from the original Hebrew, and put it all together, this is how I spoke it to myself: ‘Carolyn, sit down a few minutes and make yourself relax. Settle down, be still and picture yourself snuggled up in the protected hiding place of God, up next to the One Who is the highest being ever to exist. He wants you there.

You can stay overnight, and then in the morning you’ll be right by His side and go where He goes. You’re close enough that you are in His shade, enjoying a constant overflow from Him.

This is where you are always protected and where the source of everything good comes from and it’s YOUR SPECIAL PLACE. No one and nothing bad is allowed to get to you here.’”

When I read this and let the words soak into me this morning, my whole body, mind and emotions felt at ease. I’m okay now. I hope you will remember to take a look at this the next time you’re feeling a little funky and need a big God hug, like I did.

Love, Carolyn

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