I was driving home from work, deciding the order in which I would do my errands. I thought the plan was good but I got an inner urging to switch around the order of things. Because of the change, I got to my bank later than I’d planned.

When I drove up, there was a police car in front and yellow tape around the entrance doors. As the policeman walked up to the door, I could see that it was ajar. I stayed back and watched for a few minutes and up drove three more police cars. I got out of there. Had I followed my original plan, I would have been right in the middle of a bank robbery! But the Lord kept me out of trouble by the insider tip.

Just yesterday I felt prompted to go to a different grocery store. When we came around the corner to the pharmacy section, my roommate just “felt like” taking her blood pressure. There was a woman standing there just idly looking at her receipt. We exchanged a few words and then as we continued to talk, the woman shared her concerns about a life-threatening health issue and we were able to minister real help to her.

Probably most of you have experienced similar promptings from the Holy Spirit.

But when it happens it’s kind of hard to describe in words. I’ve heard people say it feels like an urging or a niggling feeling or a stirring from within or an inner voice or intuition. The Message Bible beautifully describes it as “God’s Spirit touches our spirits” (Romans 8:16). There are several New Testament examples of believers getting these insider tips. In Acts 18 Paul describes a situation where he felt “pressed in the spirit” to go and talk to certain Jews about Jesus.  

Another example is in Acts 17 where Paul’s “spirit was stirred in him” when he witnessed certain things happening. He immediately began to take action to fix the situation.

These inner urgings, promptings and tips richen our lives. They help us to help others; and they keep us out of trouble. The Lord touches our spirits with these insider tips and wants us to be more receptive so that we can be more like Him.

Love, Carolyn

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