Deliver my soul from the wicked. Your wisdom is what I seek. The world seems more dangerous now. With some of the changes in government policies, business practices, social attitudes, etc., I feel like I’m in a foreign country or maybe more accurately, a foreign universe. I’m in Blade Runner, Escape from New York, Hunger Games, some kind of crazy futuristic movie, only it’s not the future. I’m part of the underground, always have been but now it’s even more real. God help me to navigate.

I understand some of the deceptions, some of the dead ends, the trickeries, the lies, but not all of them. Who can be trained for ALL of them? No one. I tell you, no one! Without the foresight of the Lord Jesus Christ the living Lord, humanity hasn’t much of a chance against the wiles of the enemy. Who can know all of his tricks, all of his hiding places?

Not me. But my Lord, my mentor, He knows and He teaches me—I need to know. In treacherous waters, in the valley of the shadow of death, in the present mine field of iniquity, I need a constant mentor and guide. 

The enemy: always new attacks, new weapons, new strategies. I can no longer entertain the naïve idea that I can conquer with anything BUT the current download of wisdom from the omniscient master. It’s too dangerous to even try without Him. Only with Him can I ford the stream safely, traverse the mine field without exploding a hidden detonator and breaking in a thousand pieces.

I thank you God for constant instruction and mercy when I need it.

From Him: “The battle is on. Engage. And find rest when you can.”

Love, Carolyn

Announcement: New book coming out soon! If you haven’t read the first one yet, you can get it either in paperback or digital on Amazon – WINGS: A JOURNEY IN FAITH FROM THE EARTHLY TO THE HEAVENLY.


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