I got the call Saturday, “No work on Monday.” This job has been way too sporadic and it’s beginning to make me really anxious. There’s 19 rooms needing touch-up but instead of working consistently, we work two days, off three. Then we wait a week, start again, work three days, off four days. One time we were off for two weeks, then back on for three days, then off again. This has been going on since December and there’s only three rooms done. It’s starting to get to me. I’m a good worker and I’m just getting back on my feet after taking care of a sick friend. How the heck am I supposed to pay my bills and keep up, on this kind of a schedule?

When I got the call Saturday it was the last straw. I felt like calling my other friends from other companies to see if they had work for me. My motivation was frustration and anger. I felt like my current company was starting to take advantage of me and I didn’t deserve that.

Though I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket a few times, I put it back. I didn’t want to over react. I’ve been working on being more patient. As one preacher puts it, “Sit down, have a cup of tea and give God a little time to work.” Proverbs 20:22 tells us to “Wait on the Lord.”

I went to Proverbs 3 and began to read verses 5-7: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart…. Be not wise in thine own eyes. Respect the Lord, and depart from evil.” In other words, if I had gone by my own wise ways, I would have made the phone calls right away and not even gone to the Lord for His wisdom and that would have been evil.

Instead, I waited on the Lord. I read further in verse 8 where it says that if I do those things from verses 5-7, trusting God and waiting on His wisdom, “it shall be health to thy navel.” That’s King James, but I looked in the notes and they say, “It shall be medicine to thy nerves.” Wow. There it was, God’s answer—God’s anxiety medicine and I took it.

I calmly waited and drank my proverbial tea, trusting that the Lord was working on my behalf. It wasn’t even ten minutes before I got a text from the lead person in the sample shop of the same company. She said she had work for me on Monday. Just to let you know, there has not been any work available in the sample shop for over five months, until just today. Thank you, Lord, and thank you to those who allowed God to work in you to get me working on Monday.

It’s well worth it to wait on the Lord.

Love, Carolyn

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