Jane and I were sitting by the open sliding glass door at the back of the house. Usually when we hear sirens or see the lights flashing from a police car, we peer through the window, and we don’t go out. But this time was different. It wasn’t that we heard the audible voice of God or something spectacular urging us to get out the front door, but we both got up together and went out.

When we got outside there were two cop cars, two K-9 units and two more police cars turning into the street. The two giant dogs were already out of the vans and on my lawn.

“Ladies, go back in the house.”

“But our back door is wide open.”

“Then stay out in the front by the sidewalk.”

“Ok, sir. What’s going on?”

He ignored my question and answered with his own, “Ma’am, is the gate to the backyard locked?”

I started to go around to unlock it but he stretched out his arm and put up his hand to block me. I backed quickly out to the sidewalk where Jane was, just in time to see this huge furry beast of a dog glide over my wall into the back yard. I ran over, “I have a little Peanut dog back there,” but it was too late. The police dog was already over. I didn’t hear Peanut squealing, so I was praying that he ran back inside the house. Within seconds the police dog flew back over the fence and took off right past us and around to the other side of the yard and began barking at a bush in the corner of my property.

I overheard one of the police radios, “medium-height white female.”

All the guns came out of their holsters and were pointed at the oleander bush at the side of my yard. At the sight of guns, Jane and I ducked behind one of the cars on the street, like you see on TV. A young white female, medium build in t-shirt and jeans crawled out from under the bush, stood up and turned around with her hands at her back toward the policeman. She was docile and way too familiar with this position. I figured she must have done this before. They cuffed her and put her in the back of one of the patrol cars.

I remember thinking, She doesn’t really look dangerous, but she was determined enough and strong enough to jump over two five foot walls so I’m really glad we weren’t there when she went by our open door!

Then one of the officers asked if he could search my back yard. “We’re looking to see if she dropped anything back there.” He already had a full letter envelope in his hand and was leafing through its contents—money I suspected.

My sprinkler on the side yard was going full blast the whole time right where her hiding place was. So after the girl was put in the patrol car, the one cop gave me this look and I said, “Okay, I’m turning off the sprinkler now.” I didn’t have a chance to do it before because the police had us out on the street. The girl must have gotten soaking wet.

They found her purse tucked under the oleander bush where she was hiding. We figured she’d robbed someone or maybe even a store, but we never really found out.

The Lord was watching out for us and got us out of our house just in the nick of time. Like He promised, “Lo, I am with you always” (Matt 28:20). Psalm 32:7 says, “Thou shalt preserve me from trouble.” The longer I live, the more I learn to just trust Him with my life.

I could have been telling a very different story if we had stayed sitting by the opened glass door when the girl was trying to escape. But once again, Jesus was right there with us and God’s timing is always perfect.

I love it when that happens. He’s there to keep you from harm too.

Love, Carolyn

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