The gold leaf project with my union company was delayed and I needed to find a filler job. I have a list of people I call for just this sort of situation and I knew the Lord was telling me to make the calls. But I was enjoying my time off and I was stalling. Somehow making those calls seemed too difficult and I didn’t want to do it.

I took the coward’s way out and left messages on their home phones rather than just calling them direct on their cell phones. When no one called back I knew I was going to have to change my attitude. I was reluctant because doing the right thing meant stepping out of my comfort zone. I felt I was being pushed and I didn’t like it. I was tired and I was being stubborn.

The situation reminded me of Jonah in the Bible. God wanted him to go to Ninevah and warn the people that if they kept up their bad ways they’d be destroyed. The people of Ninevah had a horrible reputation. Their brutality was renowned. Jonah didn’t want them to be forgiven and saved. He wanted them to be punished.

Jonah was pretty sure that if God was sending him there, the king would most likely repent and God would forgive and save the city. He didn’t like that idea and instead of heading toward Ninevah, he took off in the opposite direction. He didn’t want to be any part of God’s mercy.

But God didn’t let him go that easily. Jonah ended up in a near shipwreck, got swallowed by a whale and three days later got barfed back up onto the beach. It was after this tumble of events that Jonah decided he better go ahead and do the thing God asked him to do. Like with me, the thing God asked of Jonah wasn’t a hard thing. It was something Jonah was used to doing. He just didn’t feel like doing it this time. But finally after some stiff coaxing from the Lord, Jonah went to Nineveh, warned the king and the city was saved.

I’ve never had God ask me to do something I couldn’t do.  More often than not, what He asks is something small. The devil likes to deceive us and make it look like a big deal, but most of the time it’s really not. God loves us right where we’re at and only asks us to do things that end up blessing us—one small thing at a time.

I knew if I just made the phone calls like the Holy Spirit urged me to, someone would have a fun and profitable job for me. Finally I made myself do the right thing and ended up with three great side jobs, different and exciting.

I know we want to do bigger things for God, and He will ask us to do them, but only when we’re ready. We get ready by making a steady habit of saying yes to the small things without being stubborn or rebellious. God will bless us enormously and we will bless Him by our obedience.

Love, Carolyn



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