(Photo is “Warrior Carolyn” on the rooftop with Branch and Sword J)


I took my saw and clippers up the ladder and onto the roof. My pyracantha bush, which produces lots of red berries for the birds, was starting to send branches out over my roof. For about two months I’ve been looking at the branches grow and knew I had to get up there and cut them before the stems got too thick. I was thinking it would be kind of a hard job and really a hot one too.

Like so many things in life, once I got started I had a great time and when I was done it looked awesome and I was feeling pretty great about my accomplishment.

Ecclesiastes 3:13 says, “Every man should enjoy the good of all his labor, it is the gift of God.”

Even if we have a job where we get a paycheck, we all have other things we work at where our payment is something other than money. We can get paid with so many different things and we need to take a look at those things and appreciate ourselves. God appreciates us.

We aren’t supposed to just work and work and work until we exhaust ourselves. Most of us need to celebrate more. God says we’re supposed to ENJOY THE GOOD OF ALL OUR LABOR, not just the good from the paycheck we get from our day jobs, but the good we get from anything we work at. Do we get a good feeling of accomplishment? The satisfaction of a small victory? Do we get a thank you from someone? A pride in a new skill learned? Do we feel good about doing something we’ve been putting off for a while? There are many good results from our labors and lots of reasons to celebrate because we work at a variety of tasks.

Just think of some things you work at: Do you work at exercising? Eating well? Going to bed on time? Do you work at not gossiping? At paying your bills on time? Do you work at saying something kind every day? Do you work at spending more time with your kids? Do you work at learning new things?

Whatever we labor at, God says we need to take the time to CELEBRATE. It’s His gift to us.

“Hey, (fill in your name), great job! You did it!”

Love, Carolyn

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