One of the preemie twins (weighing in at just a little over 4 lbs) was having open heart surgery. I texted back that I’d pray. Then I went on to check my other texts, posts and e-mails. A few minutes went by and I caught myself, “Carolyn, you need to pray NOW!” It’s way too easy these days to go through e-mails, social network posts, texts, etc. and take the messages in as mental information without really engaging and DOING something about them. When it comes to prayer we need to change this bad habit.

Prayer is a very powerful force that gets things done and it needs to be taken seriously. Mark 11:24 says that when we pray we are to believe – right then, not later, not pray and hope there will be an answer, not pray and wish, but focus enough when we pray – focus on the answer we want – the end result. When we pray, believe. We need to stay in pray until we are convinced, persuaded, and sure that God has heard and is answering.

Too much praying has been, “If it be your will.” If we spend time in the Bible, then we won’t have to say “if” all the time, because we will know what God’s will is.

When we pray for someone it’s a serious matter. It means something. It is not casual or frivolous. According to God’s written word, prayer can heal, get people delivered from devil spirits, alter weather conditions and many more things. It’s powerful and effective.

Jane and I prayed about the baby’s heart surgery. We already knew and believed what the Bible says about children being a blessing (Ps 127:3-5). We also believed in God’s ability to work through the surgeon’s hands. We knew that the parents were standing in faith for the little girl to live and grow strong. We knew that the Bible says if two agree in prayer, God will do it (Matt 18:19). So when we prayed together we were totally persuaded God would answer – and He did. She went through the surgery with flying colors, had a speedy recovery and all the tubes were taken out in only a few days.

Prayer works. The Lord willingly and lovingly answers our prayers. So the next time someone asks for prayer on something let’s pay attention, stop a few minutes and take the time to pray. And if we ask people to pray for us, we should expect to get results too.

Love, Carolyn

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