During the holidays when we see relatives and we’re around new people, we’re often met with stories of circumstances that are so complicated and awful that even the heartiest of believers among us could be tempted to think there’s no solution. I’ve seen the devil pull this scenario again and again. The idea of no solution and no answer is definitely the message Satan wants to propound at a time when we’re celebrating the birth of Christ. Jesus Christ who is the answer to every problem and has the solution to every trouble, no matter how complex or seemingly incurable.

We have the Lord Jesus Christ; we have the Bible; we have angels; but sometimes we forget that we also have each other. And it’s not a sin to ask for help. In fact the Lord tells us we are to confess our faults one to another, so we can get help (James 5:16). It doesn’t do us any good to keep things bottled up inside.

If you were physically bleeding from a stab in the back, and you couldn’t stop it, you’d get yourself to the hospital and find help. It’s the same with us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We have been given other people in the body of Christ to help stop the bleeding.

One of the biggest errors I see in the body of Christ is the hesitation to ask for help. I’m definitely guilty of that myself. Pride gets in the way and even figuring out exactly what to ask or who to ask becomes a challenge.

It can seem hard, but we need to remember that asking someone to pray for us or give Godly counsel benefits both parties. The person asking for help gets needed assistance and the person being asked gets a chance to stretch out his or her believing to manifest God’s love, maybe even in a different way than before. It’s a healing and wholesome exchange.

I believe that honesty in the body of Christ and asking for help when we need it, will bring us closer as a family. With all the challenges we face in the world today, we need the expertise of others to help us face and overcome new adversities that confront us.

Love, Carolyn

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