If you have problems in any of these 7 areas of your life, get ready to be blessed, because you are about to be delivered.

Jesus first bled in the garden of Gethsemane when he was stressing over doing God’s will or His own. He chose God’s will but he sweated blood over it. Because of this, we can choose God’s will over our own, without sweating blood. (Luke 22:41).

Secondly Jesus bled when His body was torn apart by the whipping and beating from the Roman soldiers. He shed blood in this way so that all the things wrong with our physical bodies could be erased and fixed.

The third place Jesus bled was internally. The Bible says, “He was bruised” (Is 53:5). That’s an internal thing and it was so that any deep emotional or spiritually-induced hurts, including evil spirits could be vanished from our lives.

The fourth blood shed was from the crown of thorns thrust into Jesus’ head. This was for eliminating any and all mental disorders and wrong thinking patterns.

Number five: Jesus bled from His hands. This puts the healing power on our hands and applies to anything we do with our hands. For instance we touch people and animals with our hands; we touch money with our hands; we make things; we hold things; we give things away; we fix things; we click the “like” buttons on our computers. Any inappropriate things we now do with our hands can be miraculously changed by believing in the blood Jesus shed from His hands for the cleansing and blessing of our hands. God promises in Deuteronomy 12:7, “Ye shall rejoice in all that ye put your hand unto.” And Mark 16:18 says, “They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

Number six is when Jesus bleed from His feet. This was for the paths we take in life. It means we can walk on the good paths He has for us and we don’t have to stumble along and get hurt on the wrong ones.

And lastly, number seven. He was speared through His belly, His lungs and His heart—making sure His life force bled out. Jesus gave up His entire life so we could receive a better life, an everlasting life with Him and God and angels and all the other beautiful things in Heaven.

If we need help in any of these parts of our lives, this is the time of year to get it. People around the world are looking to the cross of Jesus and His wonderful raising from the dead. This is not a time for sorrow but a time for receiving and rejoicing in what He gave us on the cross.

Love, Carolyn

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