Romans 6:23 says, “The wages [payment] of sin is death.” This is not a “maybe.” It is absolute truth. The consequences of sin come in the form of immediate death or in various partial deaths—body parts not working right, various sicknesses and diseases, accidents, bad relationships, etc.

God knew that once sin got started, the results would be passed from generation to generation, no matter how good a person tries to be. Sin destroys people. So God gave them a different way to pay for sin.

They could substitute a personal sacrifice, paying with something very dear to them and the sin would be covered for a certain period of time. In Old Testament times they sacrificed sheep, wheat, barley, doves and other things that were precious to them and valuable. This quickly got perverted in many cultures to sacrificing babies and virgins (the purest and most precious), which of course is the exact opposite of what God wanted.

God’s ultimate plan was to give His own son Jesus to mankind, trusting that Jesus would escape death and hell by never committing any sin.

When you accept Jesus into your heart and life you have the most valuable and precious treasure imaginable, greater than anything else in all God’s creation.

And when it comes to giving up your most valuable treasure as a payment for sin, you didn’t even have to think about it, because Jesus already did it. He gave His life for all our sins because He loved us. And by the way, He knew what he was getting when He got us, our broken miserable selves with all our problems, but He did it anyway!

Jesus was a perfect man and He was the payment for all mankind’s sins. But instead of having to remain dead or in hell, God raised Him from the dead as victorious over everything bad. When we believe in Him, He’s willing to be our Lord. Could you get any better than that? No.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ and you want to, then say with your mouth, “Jesus You’re my Lord, and I believe in my heart that God raised You from the dead, free and victorious over everything.” (Rom 10:9-10).

Jesus Christ comes into your heart and all the old sin is washed out. You become a new person with the seed of Christ in you to stay. And that seed in you rejects sin. So when you slip up (and we all do), God says just admit it, say you’re sorry and you’re forgiven. Jesus as your Lord will get you the deliverance you need if you’ll only let Him. You can stop making payments for your sins right now. Receive and claim your perfect health in Jesus’ name and your forgiveness from sin.

Jesus paid it all. He died for everything about you and He is alive to lead you and take care of you. You can live free in the goodness of God’s plan for your victorious life now and forever.

Love, Carolyn

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