I was reading the introduction to Scripture Keys for Kingdom Living and found a new three-fold way to pray the scriptures. It was Step 2 that really set the firecrackers off in my soul.

Step 1: Find the scripture that speaks to your heart regarding the issue you’re praying for. Thank God for whatever the scripture says. Even if you start off pleading with Him (like we all do at times), it’s important to get to the place you’re thanking Him, rather than begging Him.

Step 2 **EXCITING EXCITING**: Say the scripture to the devil, prefacing it with, “It is written!” This is what our Lord Jesus used as His weapon against Satan in the wilderness, and the devil had to back off. This is a way to aggressively move forward with prayer.

God stands behind His Word. The Almighty God calls it a sword and buckler (Eph 6:17 and Ps 91:4). A sword is an assertive hostile weapon. Generally we think of a buckler as an implement that will shield us. That’s true, but it also has projections on the front to pierce and injure any enemy. We push Satan back with the sword and buckler. Jesus said, “It is written” to directly confront the devil and we can too. The written Word of God is a signed contract telling us what is ours and what is true. We need to remind the devil that what God has written, he can’t stop.

Step 3: Say the scripture to yourself, prefacing it with, “I believe.”

Using this three-fold way of praying will strengthen your prayer life and affect the answers you’re seeking.

Love, Carolyn

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