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Going into this last job, I knew there would be extra stress on my body, my mind and my emotions. It was a temporary schedule but everyone would be working long hours for over a month. It would be hard physical work with temperatures in the high 90’s and above. People would be exhausted, nerves on edge and emotions touchy.

The new strategy I learned of blessing my fellow workers, my body and my mouth, got me through. But what do I mean by “blessing?” When Jesus “blessed” the loaves and fishes in Mark 6:41, “He looked up to heaven, and blessed.” I learned something new about this verse.

Jesus lifted and blessed these loaves and fishes to do as God intended for them. Jesus was lifting the little bit of food for God to take it from there and do with it what He planned. In this case, His intent was to multiply it so that everyone had enough to eat.

NUMBER 1 – BLESSING MY FELLOW WORKERS: God created every person with something marvelous in mind for them. So no matter what little they may seem to be doing toward that intent, we can give them a better chance by lifting them in prayer to God. I couldn’t afford to be judgmental and accusatory. I was too tired to even trust my own thoughts, especially if they were negative. So I consciously would pray to God, “I bless so-and-so to be able to do Your perfect will for their lives.” It was very freeing!

NUMBER 2 – BLESSING MY BODY: I went up the stairs in our Las Vegas 90 degree-plus heat several times a day. Got down on my knees to cut and staple. Lots of bending to paint, lots of lifting and working on my feet on the concrete floor 12 to 17 hours a day.  Often my knee would want to act up. Wendy let me borrow her knee brace and that helped. My back muscles would get angry and I definitely needed a blessing on my physical body. I would silently pray, “I bless my body to do as You intended it to do, God.” And it worked. I would feel some renewed strength and carry on, slowly at first, but I kept moving and I did well.

NUMBER 3 – BLESSING MY MOUTH: I wanted to blurt out some snide remark so badly. The words were pushing forcibly right behind my lips. It was all I could do to keep them from busting through! This one guy we worked with had terrible work habits but I held my tongue. I can hardly believe it myself. It was amazing to me how little I actually did say to him. It wasn’t my place, so I just kept saying to Jesus, “Bless him to do what you had in mind for him and I bless my mouth to only say what you intend.” It worked. Do you have any idea how amazing that was and what discipline it took? But was it worth it? Totally. I was free. I didn’t condemn him. I blessed him and gave him to God. It felt good.

There were so many awesome people I met at the job and I was happy to be a part of it. I was especially thankful to be so successful through the rigorous schedule, coming out stronger with a healthy body, sound mind and better mouth!

I hope that you will be able to use these blessing keys in your life too.

Love, Carolyn

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Our family was camping and we were getting ready to go swimming. I was 13 and in the tent changing into my bikini. I started to pull up the straps of my top when my dad opened the flap.

“Get out!” I screamed. He snapped back, “You haven’t got anything anyway.” I was devastated. How could he say such a thing? I had a pretty nice body for a thirteen year old, but his degrading comeback hit me like a hammer.

He dropped the flap down quickly and left. The End. For him maybe, but not for me.

The words cut deep. “You haven’t got anything” is what I heard and what I believed about myself for years. I felt like I could never be good enough, that my dad thought I was ugly and unworthy of love. So I saw myself that way. My teenage years were horrible. The seeds of rejection and self hatred had developed deep roots in my young soul.

The most hurtful problems in our adult lives often come because we have experienced evil in our childhood days and the results have rooted themselves deeply within us. They make us think, speak, and act in ways that aren’t even appropriate to the current situations. But something triggers a connection to the past and we react in the way we did as a child, to protect ourselves. We need to get free of these old hurts and deep wounds.

Jesus said, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). The Greek word for “know” in this scripture is ginosko and it means to “know absolutely, to be sure of, to understand and be resolved.” These past horrific experiences and their results need to be once and for all resolved and put in their proper place, where they no longer are a part of our present day life. So how does that happen?

To annihilate the clinging noose of past evils is going to take the supernatural touch of Jesus Christ. It was Satan working in in the past who worked through people to bring the evil on in the first place, so the effects can’t be taken care of completely and thoroughly without the supernatural help of the one who “came to destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8).

Only Jesus can get to the root of any problem. He’s alive now and real and still doing the same things He did when He was in the flesh on earth: honing in on the sources of our anxieties, fears, hatreds, etc., exposing them for what they really are and giving us the clear deliverance we so desperately need. He said, “Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up” (Matt 15:13). When the word “shall” is used, it is absolute, in contrast to the word “will,” which is less emphatic.

A great example of the type of freedom Jesus came to bring is in John 4. Jesus came to a well and asked the woman there for a drink. She asked him why He was talking to her since she was a Samaritan and Jews weren’t supposed to have dealings with Samaritans.

He totally ignored her question. He came with deliverance for everyone. It didn’t matter if she was Jew or Samaritan. Everyone has hidden hurts. He didn’t care what she thought of herself or the boundaries she’d set up to guard herself. He was there to set her free.

He told her that instead of her giving Him a cup of physical water, he could give her a different kind of water that would change her life.  She was hesitant and replied, “The well is deep,” and she wasn’t talking about the physical well.

Jesus had the power to go into that deep well of her soul, uproot the source of the problem and give her complete and lasting freedom. Psalm 42:7 tells us:  “Deep calleth unto deep.” There is nothing deeper than the insight, understanding and love of Jesus Christ.

As it turned out, the woman was broken. Her self worth was shot to hell. She had gone from man to man looking for true love, but something was wrong. She couldn’t find what she was looking for no matter what she did. How many people are stuck in that trap?

Jesus explained to her what was happening with her. He uprooted the cause and He showed her what true love was. She received it. I don’t know how long it took, but she was so excited about being free of her  bondage to the past that she ran out to tell the men of the city and they came out to see.

Jesus ministered to them for two more days and they had the same types of things happen to them. “And they told the woman, Now we no longer believe (trust, have faith) just because of what you said; for we have heard Him ourselves [personally], and we know that He truly is the Savior of the world, the Christ” (John 4:42 AMP).  Why did they say “savior?”  Because they were saved—rescued—from the effects of whatever past evil experiences were still playing havoc in their lives too.

Jesus is real, a person, alive now and able to work in many different ways to get to the bottom of our wells, or to the deepest sources of hurt in us. He is the answer to getting rid of them once and for all.

One key that worked for me was this. I prayed and asked Jesus to go back with me to the incident with my dad in the tent. I needed to see it through the eyes of the Lord Jesus. The Lord showed me the truth:

My dad’s angry words had nothing to do with me. Lashing out in anger was a defense he learned as a child when he was so often accused of being wrong. It was an automatic trigger reaction. When he opened the tent flap without asking, he did something wrong. When I called him on it, he lashed out at me just like he always did when he was accused of being wrong. I finally understood and I could let go of my own hurt and anger. I was totally set free.

This method worked for me and it will work for many of you too. But I know that other issues may be involved and need addressing too.

Some people won’t be able to take the Lord back to the incident because they’re angry with Him for allowing it in the first place! Perfectly understandable. I have adult friends who have not yet forgiven God for things in the past. It’s more common than you might think—secretly blaming God for abandoning them in the past and not answering their childhood prayers.

But we have to forgive Him too, whether or not we understand it, we still have to just do it, to release our minds and hearts from all unforgiveness.

How to accomplish these feats starts with a decision to be willing to learn. Then Jesus takes our willingness and leads us to complete freedom. I’ve shown you one way that worked for me but there are others. I pray that if you are a person looking to be free from past wounds that are still popping up in your life, the Lord guide you on your personal freedom path to cut away the hurts of the past forever. I know He will.

Love, Carolyn




At first I had a bit of a moral issue about painting the props and sets for the biggest dance music festival in the world, EDC. Wendy and I, Juan’s crew, Anthony and several others worked on the project, painting owl houses, the statue of liberty, a windmill, a robot and so many other things. Juan’s crew put together the entire vinyl proscenium for 8 stages. But beyond the physical part of painting and building the sets, there was a spiritual aspect as well.

Though the Electric Daisy Carnival has a reputation as a rave event with lots of drugs, booze and sex, God showed me that Jesus would be showing up and there would be young enthusiastic Christians at the festival. They would be ministering to other young people searching for answers, searching for truth, searching for Jesus.

The love we put out in our work and our hands on each element of the set would be a part of setting the spiritual stage for good things to take place there. Everything we put our hands to has an effect, a vibe, an aura, whatever you want to call it. Ours was to put out the love of God and set the stage for the young Christians to have a better atmosphere for sharing the truth of Jesus to searching hearts. Where were you when you first responded to the Lord? A bar? In jail? Alone in your house? At a party? Or at an EDC event?

When God instructed Moses to build a tabernacle in the desert, Moses called on artists to decorate, costume people to sew elaborate outfits, carpenters, jewelers, metal workers and all kinds of skilled crafts people to do the work to glorify God. (See Exodus 35). It’s not much different today.

Though we were not decorating and building a tabernacle, Ephesians tells us that in our work we are to “be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with fear [respect] and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ.” We are to think about our work as if we are doing it for God, not man. “Not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but as the servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart” (Eph 6:5-6).

And Colossians 3: 23-24 tells us, “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.”

When we serve the Lord Jesus from our hearts, in our work, we can glorify God and help spread His truth to others.

Though I had a small religious hiccup at first, God changed all that. Since the Lord arranged for me to be a part of it, who am I to say no. It was a real privilege to work on this project. It was totally God’s will.

Jesus in his life here on earth went into the places no religious person would ever go, but He went. “And when the scribes and Pharisees saw him eat with publicans and sinners, they said unto his disciples, How is it that he eateth and drinketh with publicans and sinners?  When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance” (Mark 2:16-18).

“For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved” (John 3:17).

On this last evening of the EDC festival, I say, “GO JESUS!”

Love, Carolyn

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We’ve used the term dare devil when we talk about people who take foolish or extreme risks, but what is it really?

What is a dare devil? It is an evil spirit, a demon who dares people to do something that is obviously stupid, risky and life-threatening. It’s the spirit that quietly whispers and tempts, “The danger tape is there, but what if I just carefully go up and peek over the edge?” “I know I shouldn’t step on that weak part of the roof, but just this once and I’ll be really careful.” Dare devil demons are real and are more common than you think. They cause people to get hurt and killed just by getting them to go a little too far.

There are also extreme dares, “I wonder what would happen if I don’t take the turn and just drove straight off the cliff?” “What would happen if I barely touched that hotwire?” When the dare comes, we know in our conscience that it is wrong but we still wonder, “What would happen if I did it anyway?” The demon says, “I dare you.” We need to learn how to stop this demon from pestering us now, so that it can’t get us to fall for it when we may be tired or not so spiritually alert.

My roommate told me the story of Loreen: “We played softball together and I knew her since she was 11. Loreen had a cocky attitude and liked to do dangerous and foolish things. She didn’t think the consequences would catch up to her. But she died in a gunshot accident at 27 years old.”

There was a construction accident here in Las Vegas where a guy fell into an open elevator shaft. The area was cordoned off in red danger tape and it was obvious that no one was supposed to cross it. But somehow, he did cross it.  These dare devil spirits go for the jugular; they don’t fool around, death is their aim.

After being rescued from the consequences of falling into the temptations of dare devils several times in my younger years, I now know what to do when they throw me a fast ball. I slam it out of the park!

I rely on the authority in the name of Jesus Christ and speak directly to the spirit (just like when Jesus talked directly to the fig tree). I say, “Shut up and get away from me right now, in the name of Jesus Christ.”

I know and believe James 4:7, “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

And I believe and claim Philippians 2:9-10, “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth.” Demons are things, so they have to bow and do what we demand in Jesus’ name.

We are victorious in life when we can recognize demons in our everyday situations and then utterly remove them.

[I write these articles to help people. I don’t write them because I think I have all the perfect doctrine figured out or because I always make the right decisions. Quite the opposite. God has me share my weaknesses, errors, and sins, because He knows I’m not afraid to expose my mistakes. Through my life’s experiences, the Lord has never let go of me, but has taught me and given me understanding in so many areas. It’s all about Him and not me. He shows me specific keys, implements and weapons to share with others so that together we can overcome and rise in victory over the many obstacles we face.]

I love you very much and am grateful to be a part of your life. In Christ, Carolyn

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