We’ve used the term dare devil when we talk about people who take foolish or extreme risks, but what is it really?

What is a dare devil? It is an evil spirit, a demon who dares people to do something that is obviously stupid, risky and life-threatening. It’s the spirit that quietly whispers and tempts, “The danger tape is there, but what if I just carefully go up and peek over the edge?” “I know I shouldn’t step on that weak part of the roof, but just this once and I’ll be really careful.” Dare devil demons are real and are more common than you think. They cause people to get hurt and killed just by getting them to go a little too far.

There are also extreme dares, “I wonder what would happen if I don’t take the turn and just drove straight off the cliff?” “What would happen if I barely touched that hotwire?” When the dare comes, we know in our conscience that it is wrong but we still wonder, “What would happen if I did it anyway?” The demon says, “I dare you.” We need to learn how to stop this demon from pestering us now, so that it can’t get us to fall for it when we may be tired or not so spiritually alert.

My roommate told me the story of Loreen: “We played softball together and I knew her since she was 11. Loreen had a cocky attitude and liked to do dangerous and foolish things. She didn’t think the consequences would catch up to her. But she died in a gunshot accident at 27 years old.”

There was a construction accident here in Las Vegas where a guy fell into an open elevator shaft. The area was cordoned off in red danger tape and it was obvious that no one was supposed to cross it. But somehow, he did cross it.  These dare devil spirits go for the jugular; they don’t fool around, death is their aim.

After being rescued from the consequences of falling into the temptations of dare devils several times in my younger years, I now know what to do when they throw me a fast ball. I slam it out of the park!

I rely on the authority in the name of Jesus Christ and speak directly to the spirit (just like when Jesus talked directly to the fig tree). I say, “Shut up and get away from me right now, in the name of Jesus Christ.”

I know and believe James 4:7, “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

And I believe and claim Philippians 2:9-10, “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth.” Demons are things, so they have to bow and do what we demand in Jesus’ name.

We are victorious in life when we can recognize demons in our everyday situations and then utterly remove them.

[I write these articles to help people. I don’t write them because I think I have all the perfect doctrine figured out or because I always make the right decisions. Quite the opposite. God has me share my weaknesses, errors, and sins, because He knows I’m not afraid to expose my mistakes. Through my life’s experiences, the Lord has never let go of me, but has taught me and given me understanding in so many areas. It’s all about Him and not me. He shows me specific keys, implements and weapons to share with others so that together we can overcome and rise in victory over the many obstacles we face.]

I love you very much and am grateful to be a part of your life. In Christ, Carolyn

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  1. Amen, So Let It Be!!! Gracias for being obedient to your calling!!! This was anointed y appointed at this time for me to read!!! Dios/God ALWAYS hear, responds y supplies!!! Continued Blessings!!! 💝

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