2015-06-27 004

Going into this last job, I knew there would be extra stress on my body, my mind and my emotions. It was a temporary schedule but everyone would be working long hours for over a month. It would be hard physical work with temperatures in the high 90’s and above. People would be exhausted, nerves on edge and emotions touchy.

The new strategy I learned of blessing my fellow workers, my body and my mouth, got me through. But what do I mean by “blessing?” When Jesus “blessed” the loaves and fishes in Mark 6:41, “He looked up to heaven, and blessed.” I learned something new about this verse.

Jesus lifted and blessed these loaves and fishes to do as God intended for them. Jesus was lifting the little bit of food for God to take it from there and do with it what He planned. In this case, His intent was to multiply it so that everyone had enough to eat.

NUMBER 1 – BLESSING MY FELLOW WORKERS: God created every person with something marvelous in mind for them. So no matter what little they may seem to be doing toward that intent, we can give them a better chance by lifting them in prayer to God. I couldn’t afford to be judgmental and accusatory. I was too tired to even trust my own thoughts, especially if they were negative. So I consciously would pray to God, “I bless so-and-so to be able to do Your perfect will for their lives.” It was very freeing!

NUMBER 2 – BLESSING MY BODY: I went up the stairs in our Las Vegas 90 degree-plus heat several times a day. Got down on my knees to cut and staple. Lots of bending to paint, lots of lifting and working on my feet on the concrete floor 12 to 17 hours a day.  Often my knee would want to act up. Wendy let me borrow her knee brace and that helped. My back muscles would get angry and I definitely needed a blessing on my physical body. I would silently pray, “I bless my body to do as You intended it to do, God.” And it worked. I would feel some renewed strength and carry on, slowly at first, but I kept moving and I did well.

NUMBER 3 – BLESSING MY MOUTH: I wanted to blurt out some snide remark so badly. The words were pushing forcibly right behind my lips. It was all I could do to keep them from busting through! This one guy we worked with had terrible work habits but I held my tongue. I can hardly believe it myself. It was amazing to me how little I actually did say to him. It wasn’t my place, so I just kept saying to Jesus, “Bless him to do what you had in mind for him and I bless my mouth to only say what you intend.” It worked. Do you have any idea how amazing that was and what discipline it took? But was it worth it? Totally. I was free. I didn’t condemn him. I blessed him and gave him to God. It felt good.

There were so many awesome people I met at the job and I was happy to be a part of it. I was especially thankful to be so successful through the rigorous schedule, coming out stronger with a healthy body, sound mind and better mouth!

I hope that you will be able to use these blessing keys in your life too.

Love, Carolyn

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