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It was a beautiful warm spring day. I threw my air mattress in the back of my VW bug and took off for an adventure. I drove to an abandoned beach several miles north of Sausalito, on the San Francisco Bay. Looking out over the water I saw a small island about a mile or so away. Being a good swimmer I figured I could get there and back pretty easily. I blew up the air mattress and off I went. The water was cool and refreshing and I got there with no trouble. The swim back was a different story.

After taking a leisurely nap on what I felt was my very own island, I got back in the water and headed for shore. I paddled and kicked, fully expecting to have an easy time at it. Quite the contrary.

I kept at it much longer than I should have. I didn’t realize I wasn’t making progress. In fact, I was being pushed by the current further and further from my destination. I was also getting really tired from the kicking and paddling. I had the fleeting fear of sharks, but I had no time to think about that right now. I was thinking more about what I saw in the distance and I started to panic.

The shore line took a sharp turn and I could see it. I knew if I didn’t make shore before that turn, I’d be swept by the strong current out under the Golden Gate Bridge. My chances of getting back to shore would be lost. Fear rose up in my throat and I started to hyperventilate.


Then just as quickly, a supernatural calm came over me and I knew what to do. I quit trying to swim against the current, but started to go with the current and swim diagonally toward the shore and do my best to make it before that turn. I had known this key before, but when I was panicking it was totally obscured from my mind. I was still scared, but now I had a renewed determination and I sensed the Lord was really with me.

I made it. Just barely. I flopped down on the shore and just stayed there panting till my heart stopped pounding and my breathing calmed back down to normal. It was a long walk at sunset back to my car. I had time to reflect and thank God for rescuing me. I’d unwisely gotten myself into real danger and He saved me.

“He sent from above, he took me, he drew me out of many waters. He brought me forth also into a large place; he delivered me, because he delighted in me” (Ps 18:16 and 19).

I wonder how many times He’s rescued us. Can you think of times when you’ve been rescued from danger? Reflecting on those times makes us realize our lives are very important to God. We have jobs to do for Him, small and large and nothing is insignificant when we do it for the Lord. He notices us no matter where we are and He’s with us to watch over us every day.

Love, Carolyn

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