2015-07-04 001

Peanut is our chihuahua/terrier mix rescue dog. He has a few issues, including being a little intimidated by Snickers the cat and Jane who we call the Big Cat. Sometimes when the Big Cat makes a sudden move, Peanut runs for it. I was relaxing in the bath when I heard some commotion down the hallway. “What’s going on out there?” I asked. I barely got the words out when here he came around the corner.

Peanut scurried across the floor, nails clicking on the tiles into the bathroom, jumped right up onto the edge of the tub, into my arms and into the water! That was a first! He was running from Jane.

I gently clutched the little guy in my arms, letting his feet down into the warm water. I took my shampoo in one hand, held Peanut in the other, and gave him a short massage, then rinsed him off. I figured I’d take advantage of the situation and go for the conditioner too. I rinsed him again then lightly lifted him out of the tub and onto the bath mat. Off he ran, shaking water off his slick little body as he went out the door and into the hall.

I was finishing up, and there he came bouncing back again, jumped up on the side of the tub and into the water. Maybe he thinks he’s a retriever? He even started to paddle a little! What a character. Who knew our little Peanut would love the water? He wasn’t a bit afraid and he actually liked it. I was so surprised.

(The picture I’ve included here is a few days after the incident with Peanut in an empty bathtub. What a good boy!)

This incident with Peanut can teach the rest of us a good lesson. Sometimes we find the things we really like in the most unexpected places and under the most unexpected circumstances.

If you follow Jesus you can be assured you’ll find new things along your journey that you’ll really enjoy, even if they come in the most unusual situations.

There are lots of examples from the Bible. Ruth found an awesome husband in a foreign country (Ruth 4:13-15). Peter found out he could walk on water in the middle of a storm (Matt 14: 26-32). Paul and Silas sang praises in prison and ended up out of prison, at the prison keeper’s house having lunch (Acts 16:23-40). There’s a quote from Joyce Meyer I like, “Do it afraid.”

We need to try to be more like Peanut and these people from the Bible: Jump into the new things that God shows us even if we think we’re afraid. We’ll probably enjoy them more than we know.

Love, Carolyn

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