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Psalm 149 gives us insight into one of the greatest and longest lasting weapons we have against forces of evil.

Verse 6 tells us we have a two-edged sword in our hand to bind people’s “kings with chains, their nobles with fetters of iron.” That’s not referring to human kings and nobles but to those principalities and powers in high places, i.e. devil spirits, demons. We are to “execute upon them the judgment written: this honour have all his saints. Praise ye the Lord” (vs. 9). When I show you the written judgment you have a right to proclaim upon demons that disobey, you will be praising the Lord too.

The written judgment comes directly from the word of God. It says that if demons do not keep their first estate (Jude1:6) but are disobedient (1 Peter 3:19-20) and if they sin (2 Peter 2:4) they are to be put in hell, into chains of darkness, in prison (1 Peter 3:19) everlasting chains (Jude 1:6) under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. That’s a lot to meditate on, and vital revelation.

So how do we know when demons are disobedient?

There are laws of God, lines that cannot be crossed. Two that I know of are 1) The power when we use the name of Jesus Christ, and 2) the power of the blood of Jesus. Devil spirits legally must bow to these two very strong commands.

If you’ve spiritually poured, applied or prayed the blood of Jesus for its protection over your children for instance, and a demon is trying to hurt them, that demon has crossed the line. The demon isn’t regarding the legality of the blood of Jesus. The blood applied to the doorposts and lintels in Exodus even kept the angel of death from having access to the believers. If you have by revelation and believing applied the blood of Jesus to any situation and an evil spirit has not backed down, you have the legal right to send that spirit to outer darkness to be imprisoned in “everlasting chains” until the final judgment day.

That means you’ve taken that demon or demons out of world until the final judgment. Those particular ones are locked in prison with the ones Jesus showed himself to when he went to hell and triumphed over them all. They are locked into everlasting darkness and unable to roam the earth and hurt anyone else. This is an awesomely good thing and as Psalm 149:9 says, “This honour have all his saints. Praise the Lord.”

Can you imagine how much better the world will be as God’s family begins to exercise this privilege and right to chain up thousands of these demons that are so arrogant to think they can defy the laws of Almighty God?!

Another case of demon disobedience is one Jane and I just experienced recently with a house on our neighborhood corner. This may sound like one of the wildest stories you’ve ever heard, but believe it or not, it’s true.

The people were gone from the house but the demons weren’t. We had been using the name of Jesus Christ against the cluster of demons that remained in the back part of the house. We looked directly at the house and spoke Philippians 2:10 which says, “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth.” I absolutely believe that verse and when it didn’t work, I was baffled. I know some of you have experienced something like this, where you use the scripture and for some reason it isn’t working. This true story is really going to help you.

I looked over at the house and I could see by revelation that the devils were trying to hide in that back corner, at the farthest point away from us.

The house is now unoccupied. I prayed no one would move in until we got totally rid of the demons. But the house had a bad history. First there was “Papa.” We found out he was illegally growing marijuana in the back area of the house. He was extremely arrogant and unfriendly. He was one of the hefe’s at a local landscape company and often had his guys come over with plants for his yard. They worked in the hot sun while he sat in the shade, swore at them and barked directions. The other neighbors would hear loud vicious arguments he’d have with his wife. Whenever we saw his young children, which wasn’t very often, they seemed terrified. His wife was a prisoner in the house. They lived there for many years but I wouldn’t recognize her at the store if I saw her. Finally they left and another couple moved in.

The new couple eventually invited friends. I rarely saw the friends but one day I was out watering and a girl arrogantly marched out the front door to the edge of the sidewalk and was calling on her cell phone. A guy ran out after her with a metal pipe held up in his hand threatening her. It scared me so I started to call 911 but then the girl went back inside and it quieted down. About a month later they all got evicted.

The demons were still there. I knew I had to do more, like with the Pink Portal (see CLOSING DOWN PORNOGRAPHIC PORTALS posted 1.4.14).

July 2, 2015. This was the morning I knew it was time to take the final action and the Holy Spirit confirmed it in a big way. I’d first heard about believers putting demons in chains of darkness from Dr. Dale Sides. Then I heard more about it from Dr. Paul Norcross. This morning, after not hearing from Paul since January, I had a message from him which reminded me of what to do in these kinds of situations. Also I’d just the day before listened to a teaching about taking situations to the courtroom of God.

When I got ready to confront those demons across the street, I knew the courtroom of God would be the appropriate venue to picture in my spirit. In this particular situation we had a legal case against these devil spirits.

I felt led to just drive the car over and park in front of the house where we had the best view of the back corner where they were gathered. I started off by reading Ezekiel 21:14-17 out loud, and pounding my fists together a couple times like in the scripture.

Then I prayed and told the demons, “You have no right to be here. We’ve poured the blood of Jesus on this house and demanded you to leave in the name of Jesus Christ according to Philippians 2:10 but you haven’t obeyed. You’ve broken and stood against the law of Almighty God. But God is the one who made you in the first place and He is greater than you. The Bible says we can bind you in chains and send you to outer darkness for your disobedience. You get out of here. We’ll give you until we get back from our errands and if you’re not gone, you’re going to chains of darkness until the final judgment. If you think you can arrogantly stand against God, you’re wrong.”

We prayed for God’s angels to carry out the job. We came back from our errands and it felt like several of the larger demons had taken off. Four were still there. Two whined and tried to make themselves look small and pitiful, “We’re going. We’re going. Just a little more time.” But I could see right through their deception. These were the arrogant ones and they rose up large, angry and viscous the minute I said, “NO! No more time. You’re going now!” Then there were only two more, less viscous and hiding as if we couldn’t see them.

Spiritually I knew that they were thinking that they should be safe as long as they were tagging along with the bigger demons.

None wanted to go but God’s angels were there to arrest, chain and lead them off.

The house is now just a house. God’s angels took the demons and paraded them across the expanse, like a victorious leader in battle marches his prisoners in chains down the main street for all to see.

No person will ever have to be abused or lured by those four demons ever again. They will be held in chains, in a prison, in outer darkness until the final judgment.

My reaction surprised me. I was sad that they had chosen this fate. They had the choice. But still I was so glad they’re gone now. We prayed for good wonderful people to move into the newly cleansed house.

We as the body of believers are the spiritual watchmen in the world today. What an awesome honor, blessing and responsibility we have.

I hope you will take the time to look up the scriptures I’ve shared about what we can do when demons don’t obey. Let’s join together to get as many devils out of here as we can. You want to make the world a better place? This is a rock solid way to be a part of making that happen. And don’t give up until they’re gone.

Love, Carolyn

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