This is so amazing! I knew that today the Lord wanted me to share more about recognizing how He communicates with us by our spiritual 5 senses. Then I opened up my e-mail and it was confirmed by this awesome message I just got from my friend Yvonne:


“One of the most practiced evidence I have in listening to God is in visions. When myself or someone else is looking for something they lost, I ask God to show me where it is & He shows me where it is. This never fails! I’m learning to ask God FIRST to save me a lot of time & trouble. His voice is always soft & patient….and I know He is guiding me & I should trust Him only. But there are times when I’m with toxic people or situations that put me to the test & I don’t always heed His voice. AND I do pay for it. God bless you, girlfriend!”


The Lord can communicate through all of our 5 senses. In Yvonne’s situation of looking for lost things, the Lord shows her through pictures. I know several people who get the Lord’s answers this way.


When I was first introduced to this idea, I was working as a nurse’s aide in a hospital. I could smell terminal cancer. At first I thought it was just a natural smell that came with the cancer, but when I asked, I found out that others couldn’t smell it. That’s one way to test the spirit (see my last article on hearing from the Lord). I asked people if they smelled it and since they didn’t, I knew it was my spiritual “nose” that was working. Jesus the Messiah was teaching me different ways He would communicate to me.


What about our sense of taste? There are times when I’ve taken a taste of something and though it didn’t annoy my taste buds, I just knew I wasn’t supposed to eat it. One time I got the message, but I took a couple extra bites anyway and my stomach was upset all afternoon.


As for the spiritual sense of touch, there have been times when I’ve nearly jumped away from someone who wanted to touch me and pass on something bad. On the other hand, the spiritual sense of touch comes into play in a really great and good way often when I minister healing to someone or even if I just am led to touch them when I pray for them.


The Lord can and does work through any of the five senses, or even a combination of them.


He finds the perfect ways to communicate with us, depending on what He knows we will be able to believe and receive. We can ask the Lord in prayer to teach us more about this and of course He will.


If you haven’t read my last article, HOW DO WE KNOW IF IT’S REALLY THE LORD, go ahead and read it. I think you’ll like it and I’d love to hear back from you.


Love, Carolyn




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