It’s the beginning of 2016 and I’m feeling great. I’ve been blessed with good health. Partly it’s genetic, but a lot of my strength and youthfulness I attribute to quoting Psalm 103:5 every morning. It says, “He satisfies my mouth with good things so that my youth is renewed like the eagle’s.”


As the eagle goes through the different stages of its life, molting takes place and the new feathers are graciously provided. God created a way for this majestic bird to grow the necessary new youthful and beautiful feathers as it grows older. We need the same thing, brand new feathers to keep us youthful and strong as we also mature.


In my opinion, this scripture is not only talking about God providing good physical food we can eat that can renew our youthfulness, but even more important is the bread of life God’s given us to eat—His living word. As we take the truths of the Bible into us and as we speak them out of our mouth, we get new insight, answers that weren’t there before, fresh understanding and youthful excitement.


I believe that taking delight in God’s Word, both the written word and the awesomeness of the Lord’s presence in our everyday lives keeps us strong and our youth truly is renewed like the eagle’s.


Love, Carolyn


A perfect GIFT FOR YOURSELF at the beginning of the new year, WINGS: A Journey in Faith –Volume1. One story for each week of the year. It’s a compilation of short true narratives to ENTERTAIN, INSPIRE and enhance your spiritual growth.



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