Earlier this week I was at the dentist to get a filling. When the dentist finished putting the composite in place, the dental assistant held something in my mouth that looked like a fat pen. I heard it buzz a couple times. Then she took it out. What the heck was that?


The dentist explained that it is not a laser light but a blue light. He said it’s an instigator—it starts a chemical reaction in the two mixed materials for the filling.


In looking up the light spectrum I found that blue light helps boost alertness, heighten reaction times, elevate moods, and increase the feeling of wellbeing. It’s a high energy wavelength. I immediately related this to my Lord Jesus.


I thought of the verse where Jesus said, “I am the light of the world” (John 8:12). Jesus is like the blue light. He’s an instigator. He gets things started. He starts us out as a born again Christian when we accept Him as Lord of our lives. His light cleanses us of all sin, guilt and shame. Later in our spiritual walk when we need new inspiration or a fresh revelation, He’s there to give a jump start.


We call on Jesus to give us more light on a situation where we feel like we’re in the dark or confused or anxious. Jesus instigates a way out of any aspect of darkness.


I’ve found that when I prayed for the light of Jesus to intervene in a situation, it triggered a domino effect in circumstances that I really had no control over, things I certainly couldn’t change or fix in the natural.


The Instigator, Jesus, gets things rolling and then we get to watch and see how awesome the results follow through, often in ways we would have never dreamed of or expected.


My dentist said the light instigator shining on the two parts of the composite material made it set up much faster than in the old days.


I want to be quicker to call on Jesus’ light in my situations. With His jump start the results will most likely be speedier too.


Love, Carolyn


I’m working on Volume 2 of WINGS: A Journey in Faith. Check out Volume 1. You’ll be inspired.

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