My boss came back from the designer’s office, “She said it was too pink. I know she didn’t bother to look at it in the usual place. She just looked at it at her desk, where the light is different.” Because of the designer’s laziness, my boss had to make new samples and the trickle-down effect made it so that I got more work days, which got me more money. Then I started seeing similar things happen; things that had been there all along, but now God was showing me a different way to look at them.


When people made errors, I got to fix them. When details weren’t carried out, I got to finish them up. When things got sloppy, I got to clean them up. All these things used to get me irritated, but now I realize it’s not my job to change the way people are; only God can do that. So instead of getting irritated, I take it as a blessing because it just makes my prosperity grow.


I’ve heard lots of teachings on Proverbs 13:22, “The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.” In Hebrew the word “sinner” is defined as “one who misses the way, misses the goal or path of right, one who wanders from the way, forfeits something good, misses the mark, like an archer missing the goal.” I always thought it was only talking about cash money that a sinner might have stored up, that would eventually, miraculously come our way. I’m sure it can happen, but God showed me another way of looking at it.


The Holy Spirit prompted me, “What else can a sinner be wealthy in?” I answered, “Laziness, sloppiness, little attention to detail, fear.” There are many other things included in a sinner’s wealth. Try to name a few. But keep in mind we all sin, so others are going to make extra cash off our mistakes too. It’s a universal thing.

We don’t want to sin, but it’s great to know that the Lord has already provided a rather nice circle of fixing up each other’s messes. This circular process makes for the distribution of prosperity.


Now, instead of getting irritated or disgusted at people’s errors or perceived faults, I see them as a way the Lord is getting me more prosperity, and I’m thankful to receive. I have a friend who works in auditing. Her entire income is based on her ability to find mistakes and problems. It’s great to see ourselves as the ones who search for and find solutions.


I’ve always believed Philippians 4:13, “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Jesus has always been in charge of my work, but now that I’m able to see others’ mistakes in a slightly different way, I’m a much happier person.


I hope this will help some of you who may be struggling and need to see how God is already blessing you with prosperity by allowing you to be the one to clean up, fix up and find solutions.


Love, Carolyn


  1. What things can you list that you might consider part of the “wealth” of sinners?
  2. In what ways have you benefited from the wealth of those who miss the mark?
  3. What mistakes have you made, that others may have benefited from, without hurting you?
  4. In what ways have you been a problem solver where others maybe couldn’t find a good solution?

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