A couple months ago my roommate Jane started a “Delight List” and every day, by the end of the day, she’d have something to put on the list. Sometimes it seemed small, like not being put in Facebook jail, but with her posting every day, believe me, not having to go through the Facebook jail thing is a BIG delight!


Just a few minutes ago the Lord reminded me of her insistence on having at least one “delight” to put on that list every day. So I began to go through some of my recent photos and now I’m smiling again and not tense like I was before.


I was reminded that on Sunday I was wanting some kind of sweet treat but not too sweet and didn’t find anything in the kitchen. I got a knock on the door, peeked out the window and it was my Cuban neighbor in her nightgown. I quickly opened the door, thinking she may be in trouble and needed our help. Nope. She came over to bring us a box of pastries from her favorite Cuban bakery in LA!


Then I remembered that on Sunday I also found $10 on the ground and no one around claiming it. Then my list got longer. I took pictures yesterday after work of my newly planted Cape Myrtle and Redbud trees. My friend Judith had given them to me five years ago and they were only 4 inch twigs at the time. I babied them all these years and finally this past Fall I planted them in the back yard. Last year the Cape Myrtle had only two flowers. But this year I stopped counting at 27. The flowers are an unusual color, kind of lilac and I love them. Since it’s so hot here, I go out every day after work to water those two pals.


I also looked at the photos of the recent cement rocks that Hector carved at work and I painted. I like the way they turned out. I really enjoy making things look as real as possible.


The four other things that are making me smile right now are: 1. The adoration of our old cat, Snickers, 2. The love and playfulness of our little dog Peanut, 3. The kindness of my best friend Jane, and 4.The blessing of the Lord to remind me of things to be delighted about.


Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” Today I was delighted that the Lord reminded me of Jane’s Delight List. The results made my day!


Love, Carolyn





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