dog kiss 1


My dog Spike was up all night. First he wanted to get up on my bed and snuggle. Then he wanted to go outside. Then he just had to visit the garage. Next thing I knew he was back in my room and I had a wet black nose pushing my hand as it hung off the side of the bed. I didn’t know what was going on, and then it hit me.


We had a female curly white Bichon dog living across the street. We call her Hot Mama, and she was in heat.


Spike could smell her and the poor little guy was tempted unforgivingly. When he went out into the garage he could smell her on the garbage cans. He could smell her on the pants I hung by my bed. I’d never seen him so frantic and bothered. What to do?


The answer to this dilemma came quickly. I took the pants out and put them in the washing machine; I took the garbage cans and put them outside. Problem solved and I slept.


This incident reminded me of the battles we all have with temptations. When I meet people who come here to Las Vegas for vacation and they tell me they’re thinking about coming to live here, I often caution them, “If your marriage isn’t totally solid, don’t come here. Every temptation you could ever imagine is available here.”  In diet groups they call certain food temptations “triggers.” They’re usually things like cookies or chips, where you open the bag and can’t stop until you’ve consumed the last crumb.


One of the simplest yet most difficult solutions to getting rid of temptation is just that—getting rid of it. Take the garbage cans out. Don’t bring the cookies in. Avoid venues where your temptations dwell in abundance. We can do this. We have the Lord Jesus Christ to help us get the victory in every situation.


“Perseverance is not the long race, but many short races, one after another.”

— Walter Elliot


Love, Carolyn




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