I was doing touchup in the high roller rooms at one of the local hotels. My knee started hurting, then my thigh, then my back. I forgot to just ask for wisdom from the Lord on what it was and what to do to make it go away. I took ibuprofen and was handling it myself. The pain subsided somewhat, but it wasn’t going away. I persevered on my own for about two weeks and it was wearing me down. I finally woke up spiritually, took it to the Lord and asked my roommate Jane to pray for me. I went off to work like every other day. Only this day I got the revelation of what was causing my pain and the revelation of how to get rid of it.


As I sat down on the floor to patch and touch up the baseboard and then crawled along to the next spot, I got the news flash – I was sitting in a scrunched down position with both legs tucked under me to the side and I was bent over. I put my legs on the other side and the same exact pinch happened on the other side and I realized I’d been sitting and crawling in this position for about two weeks, 7 hours a day. No wonder I was having pinches and pain. I made a conscious effort to change how I was positioning myself and the pain dissipated and is nearly gone.


Just because you don’t have an instant miracle of healing, doesn’t mean God’s not healing you. He’s given us many ways to get pain free and to get healed up.


God designed our bodies to heal themselves. If we take care of our bodies, natural healing comes faster.


Also, a key I’ve learned is that certain sicknesses and diseases and demons too need specific environments to thrive in, so changing our bodily environment on the inside will cause the disease to die or the destructive evil spirit to leave.


There’s much to learn about healing but whenever we get sick there is always one thing we should do first and that is:  take it to the Lord in prayer. Ask Him, “Should I go to the doctor? Ask someone to pray for me? Drink more water and take a couple aspirin? What should I do, Lord?”


We ask for His wisdom on what to do to get healed. God wants us to be healthy, so He’s glad to give us His wisdom.


James 3:17 says: “The wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.” And James 4:2 says: “Ye have not, because ye ask not.” So we need to ask.


If we’re unsure about really hearing from the Lord or unsure of what we think He answered, then we can ask a trusted Christian friend to corroborate or at least pray.


God says of himself, “I am the Lord that healeth thee” (Ex 15:27). Whether it be through a doctor, a prescription, a miracle, a dietary plan or just change your position on the floor like I had to do, a healthy body and a sound mind (2Tim. 1:7) are important in God’s good plan for our lives.


Love, Carolyn


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