jesus smiling

We are all familiar with lines from Ecclesiastes 3. The first verse reads: “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” As we know, some things happen immediately, and some things take longer. It took the Israelites 40 years to get to the promised land. I’m praying that 2018 is my 41st! Promised Land here I come!


But guess what. When God’s people went into the land God gave them, there were giants and mighty kings they had to battle. And no one could fully enjoy the fullness of what this new land promised until everyone was in!


That’s how I feel about this upcoming year. We, as individuals in the body of Christ, are stepping into a new place, a wonderful place. We are leaving behind what is past and not letting it dictate or captivate our futures. We have places to go, people to see, new adventures, new delights, and new encounters with greatness.


But we are not alone. We need to stretch out our prayer to encompass more individuals in the body of Christ, reaching out in our empathy, reaching higher in our faith. People desperately need our sincere, Christ-inspired prayer, as well as our giftings in our many other fields of service.


The Lord Jesus will show us as individuals and groups, how to do the Father’s will in every aspect of our lives, and let’s expect an amazing year.


Love, Carolyn


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